Dog Licensing and Information

Kennel Licenses

Kennel Licenses can be obtained from the Trumbull County Auditor's Office only, 160 High St. NW, Warren, Ohio 44481. Kennel licenses are NOT available at any of our other licensing locations. If you purchase a Kennel License, you must also purchase a VendoPhoto of black & white dog.r's License for the intent to sell breeding stock. Vendor's Licenses are $25.00 each.

A Dog LicenseRegistration Form can be printed online and mailed to (please make checks payable to the Trumbull County Auditor):

Trumbull County Auditor
160 High St. N.W.
Warren, Ohio 44481
Attn: Dog License Division


For your convenience dog tags can now be purchased online for an additional processing fee of $2.00 per tag at Please use your 2018 dog license# to access your online information on the website.

Contact Information

Trumbull County Auditor
160 High Street NW
Warren, OH 44481
Phone: (330) 675-2446
Fax: (330) 675-2419

Trumbull County Dog Warden
(330) 675-2787

When to register:

December 1, 2018 thru January 31, 2019
After January 31st: new dogs within 30 days of ownership


Dogs from Ohio

Before January 31 - All Dogs


After January 31 - For any dog registered the previous year


After July 1 (if not previously registered) - New dogs only


3 year license - Available from Dec 1st to Jan 31st only


Permanent License - Available from Dec 1st to Jan 31st only


*Kennel License:

For the first 5 licenses
Each additional license

Must be breeding & selling dogs and must also purchase a $25 vendors license to collect & remit sales tax


3 Month Old Puppies and New Dogs

Before July 1


After July 1


Replacement tags: $5.00 each

Renewal: Must register each year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    When do I register my dog?
All dogs over three months of age must be licensed each year between December 1 and January 31. If you bring your dog into Ohio after January 31, or if you obtain your dog after January 31, you are required to purchase the license within 30 days. Ohio Revised Code Section 955.01

Q:    Where do I register my dog?
Dog tags may be issued only by the County Auditor; however, there are several locations throughout the county where dog licenses can be purchased during the annual sale period of Dec 1 to Jan 31. After the annual sale period, dog tags may only be purchased from the County Auditor's Office. Click here for a list of locations.You can now obtain the Dog License Registration Form online to be mailed in with your payment.

Q:    Why do I need to register my dog?
Licensing is a requirement of state law. However, there is one other exceptionally good reason for licensing your dog. If your animal is missing, the dog warden can quickly notify you if your pet has been found. That way you can quickly claim him. The Ohio Revised Code Section 955.12 allows the county to hold a licensed dog for up to 14 days, after mailing notice of it's capture to the owner, before allowing it to be either sold or destroyed. If a dog is unlicensed, the Law allows it to be either destroyed or sold after only 3 days.

General Information

Licensing your dog is easy and inexpensive:
Simply fill out the brief registration form and pay the annual fee per dog or kennel. Each dog receives a distinctive tag number (dog kennels receive five consecutively numbered tags). Once your dog has been assigned a license, the license number and the information about him is permanently filed in the county's records.

Service dogs:
Service dogs (guide, leader and support animals) must also be licensed, but their fee is waived.

If your dog's tag is lost:
Simply provide your County Auditor with proof of it's loss and a duplicate tag will be issued for $5.00.

*Definition of "Kennel Owner":
According to the Ohio Revised Code Section 955.02, a kennel owner is a "person, partnership, firm, company, or corporation professionally engaged in the business of breeding dogs for hunting or for sale." When a person breeds dogs avowedly as a hobby, "but permits sales to become such a factor that he advertises for sale" the breeding activity and dogs, that person "is professionally engaged in the business of dog breeding" and should be registered as a kennel.

The term "kennel" means any pack or collection of dogs, over the age of three months, kept together for the purposes of hunting or for sale. Ohio Revised Code 955.04